Investing in teachers’ growth to help them be more effective is key to improving student learning. The reason: teacher quality has more impact on students than any school education program or policy does, and in fact, teacher effectiveness is the largest factor influencing student outcomes, outside of family background.

To transform education, it’s critical that all teachers, leaders and staff have the ability and capacity to continually evolve their methods and adopt new technologies as lifelong learners. Microsoft has developed many resources for educators and other school staff, whether they’re classroom teachers, school leaders, or in other roles.

If an educator or school leader is new to Microsoft teaching and learning tools, this learning path we have curated will help get you started. Focused on best practice and some basics for facilitating a blended or hybrid learning environment, this is the first step in a professional growth journey. To unlock the Microsoft Educator badge, successfully complete this online through the Learn Educator Center, or through one of our training partners in an instructor-led setting.