Accreditation of an Innovation Lab by GInI assures all affected stakeholders that this lab has been properly assessed, and that its design and operation therefore conform to GInI’s strict accreditation standards. No other organization prescribes this same level of accreditation standard for Innovation Labs as does GInI. Accreditation by GInI is therefore the global standard of accreditation for Innovation Labs.

Given growing economic pressures and the world’s accelerating pace of change, there is now a clear trend within businesses to establish Innovation Labs – facilities focused explicitly on helping businesses create new waves of growth and leadership in their markets. These labs must be fully capable of leading the charge forward into the unknown, in addition to establishing and developing whatever is “next” for the business.

Yet how can businesses know that their Innovation Labs have the right capabilities for doing this? How can they have the assurance they need that their Innovation Labs will in fact help lead them into the future in the best possible ways? And how do they know that they have captured world-class practices in the design and operation of these labs? For these reasons a credible and reliable accreditation standard is needed.

The GInI Innovation Lab Accreditation is such a credible and reliable accreditation standard –a means by which businesses can develop the confidence they need in the design, operation, and capabilities of their Innovation Labs. The GInI Innovation Lab Accreditation stands alone as the sole such standard in the world to set the benchmark against what all world-class Innovation Labs must aspire.

The Innovation Labs accredited by GInI will bear GInI’s Accredited Innovation Lab badge. This distinction provides significant value to both the lab’s operators and the lab’s governing business.

GInI remains fully committed to pursuing excellence and continuous improvement in all activities relating to the GInI Accreditation Center and the GInI Accreditation Program. The Innovation Lab Accreditation Guidebook provided on this page sets forth the policies, procedures, and standards used to assess the design and operation of individual Innovation Labs, and to thereafter accredit them to GInI’s standards.

Businesses wishing to secure GInI Innovation Lab Accreditation must work through a GInI Authorized Training & Assessment Provider (ATAP)® and two GInI Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInAs)® of their choice to complete the Innovation Lab Assessment process and thereafter submit to GInI the Innovation Lab Assessment Report (InLAR). GInI Innovation Lab Accreditations are valid for two years and must be renewed via re-assessment every two years.