Accreditation of a Business Incubator by GInI assures all affected stakeholders that this Incubator has been thoroughly assessed, and that its design and operation therefore conform to GInI’s strict accreditation standards. No other organization prescribes this same level of accreditation standard for Business Incubators as does GInI. Accreditation by GInI is therefore the global standard of accreditation for Business Incubators.

The world as we know it is changing at an unprecedented pace. Indeed, as we enter into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, countless new world-changing technologies are being developed and put to use for a wide range of new purposes. In many cases this is changing not only the products and services we consume, but also how our societies operate. For businesses, this is opening up a whole new world of opportunity, not only for new offerings, but also for completely new business models that never existed before.

And so the time is ripe for new entrepreneurial ventures to rise up – ventures who are prepared to deliver the fresh new business models and value propositions that move us from the world of yesterday and today into the world of tomorrow. For this to happen however, the world needs the oases capable of nurturing and supporting these nascent young ventures as they begin their journeys forward. The world needs Business Incubators capable of giving these ventures the resources and leads they need to begin on solid ground.

Yet how does one ensure that a given Business Incubator has the necessary resources and capabilities it needs to get these new ventures off the ground in a robust and effective manner? What indicators are there that a particular Incubator has what it takes to succeed in getting new business ventures launched, operational, and eventually profitable? For this, a credible and reliable accreditation standard is required.

The GInI Business Incubator Accreditation is such a credible and reliable accreditation standard – a means by which leaders the world over can develop confidence in the design, operation, and capabilities of their Incubators. The GInI Business Incubator Accreditation stands alone as the only such standard in the world, setting the benchmark against which all world-class Incubators must be measured.

GInI awards three levels of accreditation for Business Incubators: Basic, Advanced, and Premium. Each of these represents an increasing level of value the Incubator offers to its resident business ventures.

Business incubators accredited by GInI will bear GInI’s Accredited Business Incubator badge. This distinction offers significant value to both the Incubator’s operating organization and its resident new business ventures, as well as to all those supporting these new ventures.

GInI remains fully committed to pursuing excellence and continuous improvement in all activities relating to the GInI Accreditation Center and the GInI Accreditation Program. The Business Incubator Accreditation Guidebook provided on this page sets forth the policies, procedures, and standards used to assess the design and operation of individual Business Incubators and to thereafter accredit them to GInI’s standards.

Businesses wishing to secure GInI Business Incubator Accreditation must work through a GInI Authorized Training & Assessment Provider (ATAP)® and GInI Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInAs)® of their choice to complete the Business Incubator Assessment process and thereafter submit to GInI the Business Incubator Accreditation Assessment Report (BIncAAR). GInI Business Incubator Accreditations are valid for two years and must be renewed via re-assessment every two years. GInI awards three levels of accreditation for Business Incubators. Each of these represents an increasing level of value the Incubator provides to its resident business ventures. These three levels are: